My Daddy

In Honor of my Daddy; Russell Huff, He served God and dedicated his life to loving my Momma and raising nine children. He was the greatest man I have ever known!

My Daddy, My Hero
Big bucks, deep deer trails, squirrels cutting hickory nuts,
Cane cutter rabbits, cold November mornings
Deer stands, and my daddy,
Thank you God!
Broad River, wooden boat, 5-horse motor,
bank hooks, trotlines, and fish baskets
Big carps, big catfish and my daddy
Thank you God
Oak trees, hickory trees, popular trees
Chainsaw, axe, log splitter, old pickup truck
Warm house and my daddy,
Thank you God
A Farmall, B Allis Chalmers, Cornfield,
Tomater rows, pea patch and butter beans
A cold drink of water, Suppertime and my daddy
Thank you God
Five sisters, three brothers, mommas smile
Laughter, tears, riding sweet gum saplings
Hickory switch when needed, lotsa love always
And my daddy, my precious Daddy,
Thank you God!
Thank you God; for my daddy, my hero, he taught me how to be a man!

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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