The Declaration of Independence

In The Declaration of Independence we are told that government will govern at the consent of the governed. With that thought in mind you must understand this; it really makes no difference who leads this nation. As long as Christians continue to act as they have in the last few decades.

You see the ones who govern our nation will govern the way the culture of this nation demands. Regardless of who is in charge, Republican or Democrat it really makes no difference, the laws that are passed will reflect the morals of the people.

If it is true that righteousness exalts a nation, it must also be true that unrighteousness will bring destruction to a nation. We are living in unrighteous times. And we see daily the detriment that unrighteousness is having on our land. Many blame the government or the Supreme Court for the evil that seems to prevail today. But I tell you, they are not to blame. They are simply governing with the consent of the governed.

Where does the blame lie? It lies at the feet of selfish children of God who are more concerned with their own comfort and preferences that they are for their lost neighbors. It lies in the hearts of Christians who think that the church was created for their benefit and not for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. It lies at the ugly feet of those who refuse to share the gospel and take the Good News to the ones who need to hear our report.

So, when the unimaginably wicked laws are passed understand this. The government will govern the way culture demands. If the laws are wicked it is because the culture is rotten. If the culture is rotten it is because the salt of your testimony has become useless, and fit only to be walked on.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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