A Place That Is Prepared

She had lived on this earth for almost a hundred years, her body was worn out and tired. Her fingers would no longer play the piano and her voice was to weak to sing. Now the Savior she served was ready to receive her unto Himself. Family and friends gathered around her bed to say goodby. Her last words could barely be heard on earth, but they rang loud in Heaven. With a soft but sure voice she said, “ In Jesus’ name amen.” Then she closed her eyes and went to the place that had been prepared for her.

I have often thought about this dear old saint and her last words. What were her thoughts?What was she seeing and who was she speaking to as she said, “ In Jesus’ name amen?” Could it be that the soul of this sweet lady was seeing the gates of Heaven. Maybe a guardian stood there and asked why should you be allowed into Heaven. And her answer was, “I am a child of the King. I stand here with the the authority of Jesus Christ commanding you to open the gate so I may go to the place He has prepared for me.” So let it be.

In John 16, Jesus said, “ Whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you.” I am afraid that many people have misunderstood those words. A lot of people think that if they add, “ in Jesus’ name” to the end of their prayer, then God will have to answer. But that is not true. What our Lord meant was if you are a child of God and washed in the blood of the Savior, then you represent the authority of Jesus. With the authority of Jesus in you, God recognizes your right to have your prayer answered. Because of that when you say “Amen”, your Father in Heaven will say “So let it be”.

Now I do not intend to tell you what to say when you pray. That would be pharisaical. The fact is when it comes to prayer, words are not important. The important thing is who you are and who you serve. Are you washed in the blood of Lamb? Are you a child of our Father in Heaven? Do you serve Jesus Christ, the King of Kings? If so, with confidence your last words on earth can be, “in the Name of Jesus, amen.” And Jesus will answer, “ welcome My child, come see the place I have prepared for you.” So let it be.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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