Good Morning

For years I have tried to start all my mornings early. It’s hard for me to lie in bed knowing that the world is turning. Life is to short and I don’t want to miss a thing. Usually I sit on my back porch reading my Bible and visiting with the Maker of all things.

Since my porch is facing to the southeast, I am able to watch the motion picture that is the rising sun and wakening day. This morning I am watching a doe and her two babies as they feed on the remnants of my garden. From the woods I hear chattering squirrels and all around me is the unmatched music of God’s orchestra.

I have things to do today, things I want to do. However, I am retired from my secular job and I no longer pastor a church, so I can sit here a little longer and enjoy another cup of coffee. From the Bible we learn that if we will just be still, we can know that He is God. So this morning I sit a little longer listening to the still small voice of my Father in heaven.

Now it may seem to you that I am bragging and I am. It may seem that my life is all sunshine and roses and it is. But understand this, the sunshine will burn you and make you sweat, while roses have thorns that often draw blood. My life has been one of sunburned skin and sweat soaked shirts. The roses of this life have often pricked my skin and my heart, causing both to bleed. However like the writer of Psalms 44, I will boast of my God all day long, and will praise His name forever.

I write these words as a praise to my Grand and Gracious God. I am blessed and I know it. He has been better to me than I deserve. However, I know that tomorrow everything could be taken from me, leaving me with just the air I breathe. If this happens God will still be good. As long as I am able, I will rise early to greet the day. Because everyday is a day that the Lord has made and they all start with a Good Morning.

Douglas & Deborah Huff


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