Every season of the year has its own peculiar glory. Winter has its bitterly cold days with bone chilling rains. This makes a good fire seem like a taste of Heaven. In the winter time, the barren tree branches from a distance, look so dismal and ominous. But look closely and you see the swelling buds that hold a promise of spring.

Then spring time comes. The buds on the trees begin to explode scattering a magical dust that carpets the world with sneezes. The ground begins to tantalize us with tender shoots of grass and birds come in pairs looking for a safe place to raise a family. The days are warmer and you see people outside digging in the dirt dreaming about homegrown tomatoes.

Spring time is followed by summer. The gardens that we had such high hopes for, begin to seem like more trouble than they are worth. Of course down here in the south, we know it’s not the heat but the humidity that makes a shade and cool breeze a blessing from heaven.

Then comes Fall. This must be God’s favorite time of the year. Look around. See the weeds that you have fought all year, now they are doing a yellow victory dance. The leaves have fulfilled their obligation to the trees and now they proclaim God’s glory with a blast of colors. The cool nights make you reach for a blanket and the mild days are forerunners of heavens comfort. And look at the sun. At this time of year God puts on a brilliant display with His sunrises and sunsets and it seems that even at midday the sunlight has a special shade of Glory.

God in His kindness has appointed every season with unique blessings. For this reason I will rejoice and be glad, because every season is a season that the Lord has made. So I give thanks, not just in the fall but in every season, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall I know His mercy falls fresh on me.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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