The Destruction of Hopelessness

The little girl was dead. Her father had ran to get Jesus in hopes that she would be healed. But they were too late. As they enter the house they found it filled with wailing and anguish. The possibility of a miracle had vanished with her last breath. Hopelessness now saturated the house.

But now Jesus is here, and when He says, “ little girl arise” she does. The wailing and anguish quickly turned to joy and shouting. She is alive because Jesus is Lord. Give the little girl something to eat, she’s hungry. In the presence of Jesus, anything is possible and hopelessness is destroyed.

This is not just a story from long ago. This is a promise for right now. The promise is this; miracles are not dependent on circumstances. Instead miracles are always possible, if Jesus is in the house. Tears are dried, sorrows are vanquished and impossibilities become possible when the Lord of the universe becomes Lord of the heart. In the presence of Jesus, hopelessness is destroyed.

Has hopelessness become a resident in your heart? The loss of a loved one may make you think that life can’t go on. Financial ruin can remove a roof from over your head. A disease diagnoses may put your future in doubt, or a prison sentence can convince you that your life is over. These things can rob you of your will to live and your hope for a miracle. But don’t let your heart drown in despair. The Bread of Life is here now. Jesus says; rise up and eat. So rejoice in the Lord and find joy in the God of your salvation. In His presence, miracles are possible because He is The Destroyer of Hopelessness.

(Read Mark 5:21-43)

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends


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