The Wheel

I want you to picture in your mind a wheel. A wagon wheel or a bicycle wheel doesn’t matter as long as it is a wheel with a hub, spokes, and rim. In this picture, you see the hub in the center with spokes attached to it. These spokes extend outward to the rim. The rim is the part of the wheel that touches the ground and leaves a mark.

It is important to note that the spokes are closest to each other at the point where they are attached to the hub. Each spoke is equally important because they all equally support the rim. With the support of the spokes, the rim can roll smoothly and leave a good impression on the earth.

Now in your mind, I want you to call this wheel “The Church Wheel.” The Hub in the center of your Church Wheel is God because God has got to be at the center of every Church. The spokes are the people of the Church and they are close to each other when they are close to God. The rim is the ministry or the work of The Church. The purpose of “The Church Wheel” is to impact, change and leave a good impression on the world. If it does this, it will accomplish its ultimate goal which is to glorify God.

Here are some important things to remember. One. God is the center of the Church. If He is not then it is not a church. Two. Church people are close to each other when they are close to God and close to God when they are close to each other. Three. Each person in the church is of equal importance. A wheel cannot roll smoothly if some spokes are longer than others. Nor can it roll smoothly if some spokes are missing.

The bottom line is this. As children of God, we are commanded to go into all the world and change the world by making disciples. We do this by drawing close to God, close to each other, and supporting each other as we reach out and impact the world with the good news of Jesus. Brothers and sisters, we have a job to do, so come on, Let’s Roll.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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