Churches Grow When Disciples Are Made

The Apostle Paul has been credited with planting many churches. However, it is an injustice to The Holy Spirit to give Paul the acclaim for starting these churches. Paul never planted a church, he never started a church. He simply went into all the world, made disciples of all kinds of people, immersed them in the Word of God and taught them to follow Jesus. Churches popped up wherever Paul went because the Holy Spirit worked in and through the disciples Paul made.

Today, so called “churches” are popping up all over. But seldom are any real churches being started. Most are the results of selfish people who willfully divide a congregation in order to have their own way. While others are the product of egotistical pastors, who want their own little kingdom. Claiming to be called by God, they split established churches in order to start their own congregation. These are not church starts that expand the Kingdom of God. They are church splits that weaken the Bride of Christ.

During my years as pastor and always wanting to learn, I attended many seminars. The prevalent topic in these events was how to fill pews and expand churches. These seminars were most often taught by authors whose main goal was to sell their latest book. I bought many of these books. Now I know the best way to use these books is to stack them up and use them as a platform. While standing on this pile of useless verbiage, I should shout to the world this message “Jesus said, I will build my Church. You go preach the gospel and make disciples.”

The local church is a vital part of God’s Kingdom. However, no church has ever grown as a result of strife in the body or egotistical leadership. Throughout the Book of Acts we find the Church being added to and churches multiplying. This was not because of silly gimmicks or special growth programs. Churches grow and are multiplied because people hear the gospel and are saved. The Kingdom of Heaven is expanded when Christians are taught to fear God and love Him with all their heart, soul and might.

It is Jesus’ job to build His Church. Our job is to make disciples of all kinds of people, immerse them in the power of the Holy Trinity and teach them to obey God’s word. Let’s stop trying to do Jesus’ job and focus on doing our own. If we do this the Church will grow, churches will multiply and the Bride of Christ will be ready when the Bridegroom comes again.

Douglas Huff

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