Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Most of the time when we talk about giving thanks, we make a list of people and things that are currently in our lives. This is as it should be, because we are surrounded by present blessings. However, today I have blessings from the past on my mind.

I am thankful for many people who are no longer around. Preacher Dallas gave an invitation during VBS that led to me walking with Jesus. Brother Alan was a great Bible teacher and Mr Pete was a good church leader. In the beginning of my preaching ministry, Mr. Parker and Pastor Steve were there to give me inspiration and advice. I will never forget the support of a man named Tot, and the encouragement of a man named Marcus and the blessing they were to me, their pastor.

My gratitude overflows when I think about my In-laws. I can never forget the food that Helen cooked with love and the half chewed cigar that Cooter would lay on top of the refrigerator before we ate. One thing is for sure they loved their family. Their lives still inspire the ones they left behind.

The one man I miss more than any other is my daddy. From him I learned how to work on tractors, plant a garden and drive a truck. He taught me how to run a chainsaw, shoot a gun, and hunt. Most of all my daddy taught me how to love my family. I thank God for my daddy. Although he walks in Heaven now, I still want to follow his footsteps.

Right now we are all blessed with loved ones that we can hold in our arms. But we are also blessed by the memory of our loved ones who are in Heaven. The Bible talks about a great cloud of witnesses and I believe many of our loved ones are in that cloud. They blessed us while they were on earth and their memories bless us still. So I challenge you, honor their memory by finishing the race that is set before you. Let’s lift our eyes to heaven and give thanks with a grateful heart for all our blessings past and present.

Douglas & Deborah Huff
From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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