Will God Save America ?

Except for a few years when David was King of Israel, there has never been a more perfect government than we have here in the United States. America has the best Constitution and the best judicial system. However from the beginning, this nation has had corruption in its leadership. Many political and judicial decisions have been made without regard for the Constitution. Which way is the political wind is blowing and which way is the money is flowing? That seems to be the determining factor for all decisions coming out of Washington DC.

For several years now our nation has headed down a road that will end in its destruction. Freedom will be stripped from the citizens, financial ruin will come and lives will be forfeited. In many ways we have already seen our country descend into third world nation status.

Many people are praying for America. Most are praying that God will fix our fractured country, that He will save our nation. I don’t like being the bearer of bad news but God is not going to save America. The truth is God is not in the nation saving business. Jesus died on the cross not to save nations but to save people.

Don’t misunderstand me. We must pray for our country. Christians have to be involved in politics. Christians must be outspoken and stand firm for what they believe. And we are to be a light in this dark world. Therefore it is most important that Christians walk, talk and share the Love of Christ.

The bottom line is this. At best this nation, this world is temporary, but the souls of our neighbors are eternal. In order to make a difference in our neighborhood, our state and our nation, Christians have to be the salt that preserves righteousness and light that shines the Way. Wise is the one who wins souls for the Savior. Leading our neighbors to Christ is the only way to save America.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

Email- pavementendsministry@gmail.com

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