Pray for Peace

The soldier has a few hours of down time. He spends this time cleaning his weapons and checking his equipment. Christmas is coming. From his pocket he pulls a picture of his family. He kisses his finger and touches his wife’s face. With a smile he thinks about how excited his children will be on Christmas morning. He wishes he could be there to put their bikes together. It is hard to keep the sand out of his equipment. He wonders, “Will there ever be Peace on earth?”

The young mother drives home late at night. The brakes on her car have started making a squealing noise. Christmas is in a week. She thinks about the tip money she received tonight. It won’t buy many gifts for her two children. Her heart still trembled from the fear she felt when that customer was so rude. She had wanted to just run and hide. But that other customer was so kind, he left her that twenty dollar tip with a simple note that said, God Bless you. She thought, “Maybe their will be Peace on Earth after all.”

A policeman sits in the backseat of a mangled car. He leans forward to hold the hand of a young man whose broken body is barely clinging to life. The policeman prays as the young man cries for his mama. As the jaws of life loudly rips the car apart the radio suddenly starts playing. As the radio plays, “Joy to the World, the Lord Has Come” the life of the young man slips away. The officer bows his head with a prayer that the young man has found the Peace that is not of this earth.

An old preacher sits on the back pew of a quiet country church. The worship service is over and the people have all gone home. In his heart, he still hears the choir singing and the children laughing. It was a good service tonight. Christmas plays are always special. His heart had filled with pride when the youngest member playing the part of the angel said, ” For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” When the choir sang they really did sound like a chorus of Angels. Before he leaves for home the old preacher bows his head and prays that there will be peace on earth tonight.

Christmas is about hope. The soldier, the mother, the policeman and the preacher all hope and pray for the same thing. We all hope and pray for the same thing. So like the angels let this be our song, ” Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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