After Christmas

Christmas Day has come and gone. With all the excitement and dreams, it was inevitable that some people would be disappointed by Christmas. Some children opened their presents to find underwear and many parents where heartbroken because children and grandchildren could not come home this year. Sometimes the plays and cantatas don’t fulfill your expectations while the family gatherings may have made you wonder how you can possibly be kin to those people. Yes, Christmas has come and gone and left some people disappointed.

However, dissatisfaction started with the very first Christmas. From the very beginning God has promised a Savior, and a Messiah. People were looking for a priest like Melchizedek, a prophet like Moses, a general like Joshua and a king like David. They expected the King of kings to be born in a palace and heralded by royalty. The royal nursery should have been glamorous and the royal bedding should have been fine linen.

But no, this first Christmas was a disappointment to many. The King of kings was born in the insignificant town of Bethlehem. His nursery was a stable, His bedding was old rags and hay. The Child would be raised in Nazareth and everybody knew that nothing good ever came from Nazareth and certainly not the Messiah.

The first Christmas however was exactly as it was supposed to be. If people were disappointed it was because they did not know The Father or His plan. The Savior came the first time as a Suffering Servant to seek and save the lost. The next time He comes it will be as a Conquering King to destroy the destroyer. The first time He came He was wrapped in rags, the next time He comes He will be robed in Glory. The first time He came He saved the sinners, the next time He comes He will claim His bride.

Christmas is a hard time of the year for many people. If that includes you then My heart goes out to you. But be encouraged, you may be disappointed at Christmas time but you will never be disappointed with Christ. As our Savior He gives us hope, as our Messiah He gives us peace, as our Lord He gives us comfort and as our King He gives us the victory. And please don’t forget that Jesus brings joy to the world and joy to you and me.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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