The Rock

I have not seen it in fifty years. But I know it’s still there. About a mile upstream from where State Highway 17 crosses Broad River, there is a rock. It is in the middle of the river and at normal stage it stands about two feet above the water. The part you can see is only four or five feet in diameter and yet it has withstood great floods and terrible droughts. The strong current of the mighty Broad River continues to roll, but it will never roll away this rock.

When I was a young boy my daddy often took me fishing on Broad River. In a homemade wooden boat powered by a five horse Sears and Roebuck engine, we would go up and down the river. Using trot lines, bank hooks and fish baskets we caught our share of catfish. I have strong memories of the sound of water splashing against the boat as the bugs and frogs sang the night songs of the river. In my mind I can still see the reflection of the full moon in the water. In the moon light I would watch the water part in deference to this immovable rock.

I am an old man now. It has been many years since I have been on the river and saw that rock. The old wooden boat is long gone and my daddy is in Heaven. With the passing of time, my wife and I have built a home and watched our children grow and become adults. Our lives have been blessed more than we deserve, but it has not been without struggles. Often troubles would pound us like a flood and heartaches would test us like a drought. But because we have placed our hope in the Firm Foundation that is Jesus Christ, like the rock that remains in Broad River, we have stood strong.

The rock that stands in Broad River is symbolic of the Rock of Salvation. I know that one day that rock in Broad River will be gone. The Bible teaches that one day this world will be destroyed. For this reason let your soul find rest in Jesus Christ. Only in Him will you find salvation. He is a fortress from which you will never be shaken. He is the only Rock that shall never be moved.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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