The Thunder Rolls

Early on Saturday morning , I was up at my usual time. I had a full day planned and hoped to accomplish a lot today. But already my day is thrown off kilter and my normal routine is disrupted. By now, it should be bright daylight, but an approaching storm has my corner of the world covered with clouds and darkness lingers. As I wrote these words, the lighting flashed and the thunder crashed while the storm relentlessly rolled in my direction.

When storms approach, I am always reminded of my God’s might and power. We often stand trembling as storms bear down upon us. We know that they can do great damage, but we can do nothing to turn or stop their fury. However, I know that God is in control. I am convinced that He traces the path of the tempest with His finger. As the thunder rolls, I am reminded of the promise and warning that our God is marching on.

Often in the Bible the sound of God’s voice would be mistaken for thunder. Because men who do not know God cannot hear God. It is my prayer that our nation’s leaders will stop exercising the futility of their minds and hear the voice of God. I hope that they will recognize His strength and power and give Him the honor and glory due His Holy Name. I believe in the omnipotence of our mighty King. I know one day He will trample the vineyards where the grapes of wrath are stored.

When the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls, I will worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. I know that the voice of God thunders over the earth and is powerful and full of majesty. His voice speaks with the tenderness of a deer giving birth or the fierceness of an earthquake that brings down great buildings. In his temple everyone shouts,” Glory!” The Lord is enthroned as King forever. Our God gives strength to His people forever. The Lord will bless His people with peace forever. For this reason I will always rejoice and praise God when I hear the thunder roll.

( read Psalm 29)

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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