Well, I saw it on Facebook. A young boy is confused; he thinks he is a girl and he wants to be a girl. But he was created by God as a boy. His parents know this. They try to help him by sending him to a Christian counselor. The young boy commits suicide, most likely because he had been influenced by evil people who have an agenda to pursue. These people with an agenda to pursue then write a story about this boy and placed it on Facebook. In this story, they smear the boy’s Christian parents as intolerant bigots. They blamed them and the counselor for the boy’s death. This is called propaganda.

Here is the problem; some good people read the tear-jerking story about the young boy and are moved emotionally. They “like” the story and “copy and repost” it to their social media page. Never mind that the story does not tell the whole truth. Never mind that the story attacks God’s will and righteousness. Never mind that the story attacks Godly parents, all that matters is that their emotions prompted them to continue this propaganda.

So what is the result of good people “liking and reposting” this propaganda? Simply this, other confused young people who may have some respect for you see you as having approved of this story. Your approval encourages them to reject God’s will and continue in their confused state of mind.

This does not just apply to this story, but many other stories I have seen on Facebook. I have seen good people spreading propaganda about policemen, legalizing drugs, euthanasia, and many other things that are simply wrong. If you are a child of God you need to stop doing this.

The bottom line is this; emotions are fickle but God’s Word is not. When you are bored or have a lot of time on your hands don’t just sit and mindlessly accept everything you read on the internet. God made you with a brain, use it. And stop spreading propaganda.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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