Your Own Savior

Today there are a lot of people struggling with things they need to be saved from. Alcoholics wish God would set them free from the bottle. Drug addicts beg God to deliver them from their pills. Porn addicts hate the images that haunt their screens. On the highways, road rage is destroying the testimonies of fish emblems. People everywhere are begging God to save them, but God will not save them until they are willing to be their own savior.

Noah had to build his own boat. The Israelites had to walk into the Red Sea. Ruth had to gather her own grain. Naaman had to to dip himself into the Jordan River. The crippled man had to take up his own bed and walk. The woman caught in adultery had to go and sin no more and the soldier at the foot of the cross had to acknowledge personally that Jesus truly was the Son of God. All these people had one thing in common. Before God would save them, they had to be willing to be their own savior.

When the Israelites were standing against the Red Sea, they complained and begged God for help. God told them to quit begging and get up and walk. Their salvation came when they were willing to go forward and save themselves. Now there are alcoholics who need to burst their own bottles, drug addicts who need to flush their own drugs, porn addicts who need to turn off their own computers and people with road rage need to shut their own mouths. You can be saved from your sin but only if you are willing to be your own savior.


Don’t misunderstand me. Eternal salvation is found only in Christ. Salvation cannot be earned nor can it be bought. No one can brag about what they have done in order to be saved. However, Jesus has never saved anyone who would not be saved. Before a person can be saved, they must recognize the need for salvation and have a desire to be saved. When people realize how hopeless they are, they will save themselves by taking a leap of faith and place their trust in Jesus Christ, who is the Savior

So turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face and the desires of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of His mercy and grace. You can save yourself, but only by trusting Jesus to be your Savior.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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