Don’t Miss the Boat

Many people picture Noah’s ark as being a small boat crammed with animals. That is wrong. The ark was a huge barge-like boat. It was designed to survive the most terrifying storm in history. It had no means of propulsion nor did it have a rudder. It was powered and guided by the Creator of the universe. The most amazing fact of all is that when the rain came the Ark was not crowded; it was only about one-third full.

Yes, when the storm broke the Ark was sixty-six percent empty. Why was the boat so large? Well, because God had designed it in such a way that many people could have been saved. It took Noah one hundred years to build this boat. While he was building the ark, he was also preaching. Noah prophesied that the storm was coming, but no one listened. He proclaimed that the door was open and whosoever will could come in. But nobody came. Everybody made fun of Noah’s preaching until the rain came and God shut the door.

What can we learn from all the space on the ark? I think we can learn that salvation is available to everyone, but no one is going to make you get on the boat. The story of Noah’s ark is about mankind rejecting God’s offer of redemption. It has never been God’s will that people should perish. He has always offered a way to be saved. Noah pleaded for the people to come in. They refused and God shut the door. There was plenty of room in the ark, but the people chose to stay outside and they perished.

Because of the great Love that God has for us, He has expended the riches of His mercy on us. Jesus Christ is our Ark of salvation. His arms are open wide. The Lord is saying Whosoever will may come. There is plenty of room. He wants to carry you to the shores of eternal life. We do not know when the door of opportunity will be closed, so you need to get on board now. One day the ship will sail and you don’t want to miss the boat.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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