The Faith of a Blue Jay

It was a cold day in February. I sat at my breakfast table and watched a couple of blue jays build a nest in a tree in my yard. As I watched, it occurred to me that these birds were exercising great faith.

By building this nest they were saying, we believe that spring will come, the sun will shine, and worms will come from the ground. We also believe the eggs in this nest will hatch and the baby birds will grow to maturity and fly away. That is a lot of faith to be exercising on a chilly February morning.

Well, you may say that faith is not the right word to use here. That it was not faith being exercised by the blue jays. They built this nest because of the natural instinct ingrained in their DNA. However, these birds were sure of things they hoped for and certain of things they did not see. That is faith!

What is Christian faith anyway? Is it not the exercising of the God-given DNA we inherited when Jesus became our Savior? Hope enters our hearts when the Holy Spirit is our Guide and God is our King. This hope is not wishful thinking that something good might happen. It is a calm assurance that God has promised us a bright future.

The sun does not always shine. Some days are cold and dreary. Often our finances are strained and we struggle with sickness. But as God’s children we live by faith. And like the blue jays, our faith allows us to be sure of the things we hope for and certain of things we cannot see. It is through this faith that we have won God’s approval.

Douglas &Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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