Sweet Sustenance

I love to watch hummingbirds. These little miracles of flight are always entertaining. As I sit and watch, I think about what it is that draws them to my feeder. The feeder is not especially pretty so that is not why they come. It is in a good location, it hangs next to a red rose bush. But I don’t think they come for the view. The contents of the feeder are very colorful, but that is not why they come either.

They don’t come to my feeder to entertain me, they come for sustenance. They don’t care that the water is colorful, they only want the nutrients that give them strength. Here is where they find the nutritional fuel to build a nest and raise families. When the baby birds begin to fly, the parents will bring them to the feeder, where they know they will find sustenance.

Let’s change the topic. Lately, it seems that more and more people are finding no need to go to church. The question is asked, “what can we do to draw more people in?” If we dress up the building will more people come? What about a new location with a better view, is that what people want? Maybe the pastor could preach more colorful sermons and entertain the people.

I believe that most people don’t care what the church looks like or where it is located. They don’t care if the sermons are colorful or entertaining. What people want, what people need is sustenance. A church that provides the Holy nutrients that are needed to live and raise a family will be a growing church.

Jesus said, I Am the Bread of life and if I Am lifted up I will draw all men to Me. People will flock to a church where the sermons and Sunday School lessons are spiritually nutritious. The hummingbirds need the sweet water found in my feeders and people need the Living Water that is Jesus Christ. When He is lifted up people will be drawn to Him.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

Y’all come to see us sometime.

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