I Saw God Today

I saw God today and He is good. In the waiting room of a doctor’s office, I observed the people around me. This is the kind of place where people sometimes receive bad news. So as I watched the people come and go, I sensed the presence of God and His grace all around me. I saw overwhelming evidence that God is good.

Outside on the sidewalk an old white man and an old black woman embrace in a hug of friendship. Here comes a veteran with his service dog. Over there is an older couple. She has a walking cane and he has his arm around her with a hand on her elbow. He is determined he won’t let her stumble and fall. One woman is spending her day off taking a recently widowed friend to have tests. All around me, I see people being good to each other. This is proof that God is good.

In this place, I am reminded that racism is a commodity of manipulative people. But it is overcome by love and goodwill. Here I see the gentle faithfulness of a dog as he calms the mind of an American hero. The old couple that holds each other up is keeping a promise they made when they stood tall and strong. They have loved each other in sickness and health and will continue until death do them part. The lady giving up her day off for a friend has a true servant’s heart. As I sit in this waiting room, I remember God has said, “Be still and know that I am God.”

I’m not naive. I know that mankind’s heart is deceitfully wicked. So when I see the goodness in the people around me, I know it is the goodness of God working through them. For this reason, I find joy in the strength of God and rejoice in His Salvation. God has met me with the blessing of goodness and His blessings are forever good. Because God is good, He will be exalted in His strength and praised in His power. Yes, I saw God today and I am happy to report that He is good.

Douglas & Deborah Huff 

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

Email- pavementendsministry@gmail.com

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