We Might as Well Go Home, He’s Dead

In Luke 24 there is a story of two followers of Christ who are walking home to Emmaus. It was Sunday and Jesus had been crucified on Friday. They said, “We might as well go home it’s over.” Some women had gone to the tomb early to anoint the body and came back to report that the tomb was empty. They said something about an angel and Jesus being alive. But the two disciples knew that was foolishness. He was dead and they were going home

Cleopas and the other disciple thought they had found the Messiah. They had heard the great stories and had even eaten some of the fish and loaves. They had seen a cripple man run and heard a mute girl speak. They thought Jesus had to be the Christ, the Son of God. But then He was arrested, tried, beaten, and crucified. Soldiers took His dead body down from the cross and buried Him. He’s dead. It’s over.

These two disciples were very disappointed in this Man named Jesus. They thought He was going to use His power to overthrow the Romans, restore the kingdom of David, and set them free. But He did not do things the way they thought He should. And now He’s dead. So they said, “It’s over we might as well go home.

As they walked home to Emmaus, Jesus Himself began to walk by their side. They did not recognize Him. They had eyes to see but could not see. He chastised them because they were foolish and slow of heart. Then using Scripture, He taught them that it was necessary for Christ to suffer and enter into His glory.

As He walked with them, their hearts began to warm. As he taught them their hearts beat faster. His Word was percolating their hearts. Later when He broke the bread, the full-blown aroma of salvation enveloped and filled them. All of a sudden they saw Jesus. He’s not dead. He is alive. It’s not over. It has just begun.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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