The Very Full Tomb

In none of the Gospels are we told that the borrowed tomb of Jesus was empty. If someone had stolen the body of Christ, the tomb would have been empty. If the body of Jesus had been left to rot, the tomb would be empty. If the tomb had been empty, then Christ would not have risen and we would be most miserable. But Christ is risen and the tomb is very full.

On that Sunday morning, the ladies came to anoint the dead body of Jesus. Instead, they found the tomb full of the Glory of God and angels who said; He is not here, He has risen. When Peter ran to the tomb, he did not understand at the time, but he would later. The tomb was permeated with peace and forgiveness for his troubled soul. On Resurrection morning the tomb was saturated with the power of God that brings salvation. It was enveloped in the settled hope of eternity.

So often we find ourselves in a field of headstones. Perhaps it was the long goodbye of Alzheimer’s, or maybe it was the sudden shock of a tragic accident that brought us here. But death has come to our family. Heartbroken we watch as a loved one is lowered into the grave. Yes, we are here in the valley of the shadow of death. But we can find comfort in the knowledge that our Savior has already traveled this way.

Fear not, Jesus’ tomb is filled with victory. Death has lost its sting and the grave has lost its power. The stone was rolled away to show us that the grave could not contain the King and neither can it hold a child of the King.

On Resurrection Sunday we celebrate our risen Savior. An angel rolls the stone away to give us a look inside the tomb. There we see a folded napkin and crumpled grave clothes. But that is not all we find. You see the tomb of Jesus is filled with a promise. This is the promise: because Jesus is alive, death is not final and life in Christ is eternal.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends


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