How Magnificent is Our God

How magnificent is my God? With omnipotence, His shining glory illuminates the highest heavens. By His authority, He has ordained strength from the mouth of the most helpless of babies. In His presence, the enemy is silenced. With His righteous power He has, He is, and He will defeat the adversary.

On a blustery day, I hear the wind howl and watch as the tree sway back and forth. I watch as the sun goes down and light fades away. The moon rises, chasing away the darkness, and stands guard over the night.  In the distance, a whippoorwill cheers as the stars decorate the purple sky. All of this makes me wonder. Who are we that God would have us on His mind? He made us a little lower than the angels and He has given us a crown of glory and honor.

He is a great and awesome God and He has given us authority over His creation. He has placed all things in our control, the cattle in the field, the beast in the woods, the birds in the air, and the fish in the water. We are just sons of men, yet the Son of God has visited us and given us the right to become children of the most gracious God. 

How magnificent is the Power and Authority of the Lord my God. His shining glory illuminates the highest heaven. To Him be all honor and glory. Oh LORD our Lord How excellent is your name in all the earth.

Psalms 8:1-9

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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