Be Sure You Lock the Gate

I used to raise a few cows. In my pasture, there was a small gate that I would go through to check on the cows. One day I forgot to latch it. Now, cows have an uncanny knack for finding unlatched gates. They can be on the back side of the pasture but if you leave a gate open, in just a few minutes they will be out.

That day was no different. I left the gate unlatched and they got out. But it was no problem. In a few minutes, I had them back where they belonged. However, one of those cows had a good memory. From then on she would often check the gate to see if it was unlatched. If it was, she was going to go through it. I learned to make sure to lock that gate.

The Bible teaches that as Christians we must guard our hearts. Because Satan is like a roaring lion prowling around looking to destroy whomever he can. If you let your guard down, he will attack you.

Now the truth is he cannot destroy a child of God. But he can steal your joy and destroy your testimony. Satan is a very determined enemy. For this reason, you must never let down your guard. Like the cow, who remembered the opened gate, Satan remembers your weaknesses. This is where he will push you, to see if you will stumble.

Christians have received tremendous blessings from God, but Satan hates you and wants to destroy your peace. And he especially wants to destroy your testimony. So, guard your heart and make sure you lock the gate.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

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