A Mothers Heart, Honoring all Ladies

She stayed at home from church today. No, she doesn’t miss church very often. She loves her church and is one of the best workers in the congregation. She is a nursery worker, she teaches children in Sunday School and she may be one of the best youth leaders the church ever had. However, today is Mother’s Day and she is a wonderful mother but she has never given birth to a baby. So she stayed home from church today.

Every year there are ladies whose tender hearts are especially crushed on Mother’s Day. They cringe when the pastor calls for the oldest, the youngest, and the mother with the most children to stand and be recognized. They tremble when the children walk by them without stopping, as they carry gifts to the mothers in the church. It is not that they begrudge these mothers their special day. It is just that their arms long to hold the children they don’t have.

I believe there is a Mother’s Heart in all ladies. Some women are longing to be able to tell their husbands they are pregnant. For years they have prayed for a child but God has not given them a baby, yet. Other young ladies wait patiently and obediently for the Father to send a righteous man into their lives. As the years go by they know that God is enough, but still they long to have a family and to be a mama. These ladies are amazing, they love all children and children love them. But on Mother’s Day, more often than not, their hearts are crushed because you and I often overlook them and their Mother’s Heart.

Mother’s Day is a special happy day. It is a day to celebrate our Mamas. More than anyone else our Mamas deserve a special day. For their children, they work hard, sacrifice greatly, and love unconditionally. It is right that churches have special services to honor them. We really should revive the tradition of wearing red and white roses to honor and remember our Mamas. But let us also start a new tradition, a tradition that honors all ladies on Mother’s Day. Because all ladies have a Mother’s Heart.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

Pavement Ends Ministry

Email- pavementendsministry@gmail.com

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