The Journey to Knowledge

When you travel across this nation, you find rural and state highways that run parallel to interstate highways. The interstate is designed for high speeds and uninterrupted travel. The rural highways are often two lanes that meander through farms and small towns. On the small roads you will find stop signs and traffic lights, and … Continue reading The Journey to Knowledge

An Inconsiderate God

There is this thing about God. He is very inconsiderate. Now I don’t say that He is unfair just that He is inconsiderate. God is right to be inconsiderate because His will and His ways are supreme. We can’t understand it but none the less it is true. I say that God is inconsiderate because … Continue reading An Inconsiderate God

Falling Leaves

My front yard is covered with leaves. This is not unusual. It was covered with leaves this time last year and the year before. As long there have been trees, in March the leaves begin to appear and in October they begin to fall. This is truth. It is truth because it is true. You … Continue reading Falling Leaves

Good Luck With That

I saw this in a movie. A man thinks that he knows Batman’s true identity. He goes to the manager of Bruce Wayne’s company and says “Give me a million dollars or I will tell the world the truth about Batman.” In response to his demand he was told. Batman spends his nights beating up … Continue reading Good Luck With That


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