The Promises of God

The promises of God are as sure as the air we breathe. And like the air we breathe, the promises of God are necessary for our very existence. However, while breathing air is involuntary, claiming the promises of God is not. In His Sovereignty, He has given us the free will to receive or reject His great gifts. If we do not receive the promises of God, we lose tremendous blessings. But God allows us to choose. He never forces His blessings on anyone.

One promise that God made is found in John 6:47 which says, “Truly, I say to you, he that believes in Me, has everlasting life.” Now everybody wants to live forever. But I ask you, are you willing to do what God says to have that eternal life?

Many people say I have eternal life because I believe in God. But do you understand what it means to believe? To believe means to have absolute trust. God requires complete surrender. If you distrust Him even a little bit, you have rejected His promise of eternal life.

Now all of us struggle to surrender completely to God. But God is gracious and understands our hearts. There is recorded in the Bible the story of a man who came to Jesus and said, “Lord I believe, but help me in my unbelief.” Jesus helped this man in his unbelief and He will help you in yours if you will call out to Him.

This I know. God is rich in mercy and it is with a great love that He has loved us. Even when we were dead and useless in our sin. He has raised us to live forever with Jesus and we are saved by His Grace.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends