Overcoming the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Everyone who has ever owned a house knows that taking care of it is a constant job. Everyday either the roof needs patching or there is cleaning and painting to be done. When you think you have everything under control and can sit down to rest, then you will find a faucet leaking or a light switch is broken. The fact is, in the natural order of life all created things will deteriorate. Everything of value requires a high level of maintenance.

This is also true of the human body. If we want to enjoy good health, we must be diligent to maintain our bodies. This requires us to exercise regularly and to be careful with our diet. As we get older, maintaining our health will probably require medication. So on a weekly basis we will fill our pillboxes and set alarms to remind us to take these pills. This is because in the natural order of life all created things will deteriorate. And even our bodies require a high level of maintenance.

All of this is true because of Adam. When he sinned in the Garden of Eden he unleashed the second law of thermodynamics upon the world. This law states, that when left alone everything will collapse, breakdown, or wear out.

When God created this world it was perfect and incorruptible. The first man Adam, chose to rebel against God and sin entered into the world. The curse of sin brought death and destruction. Therefore, we have to work hard to maintain houses and machines and our bodies or they will deteriorate.

But don’t be discouraged. Because of what Jesus did on the cross we can overcome death and destruction. Yes everything on this earth is temporary and one day it will all rot, rust or burn. However let’s not focus on that which is temporary, focus instead on that which is eternal. In Heaven there is no corruption and there is no death or destruction. There will be no medicine in Heaven because God has promised that if we believe in Him we will not perish but we will have eternal life. Jesus has prepared for us in Heaven an eternal home. A house from God that is not made with hands. A home that will never not need maintenance.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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If you are going the wrong way or there is danger ahead, you need to turn around. On the other hand, if you are investing time and effort in things that don’t work you also need to repent. Click the link below to listen to this podcast about repentance.

This devotion is an audio podcast. In it I discuss the importance of and reasons for repentance. Click the link below to listen


Your Own Savior

Today there are a lot of people struggling with things they need to be saved from. Alcoholics wish God would set them free from the bottle. Drug addicts beg God to deliver them from their pills. Porn addicts hate the images that haunt their screens. On the highways, road rage is destroying the testimonies of fish emblems. People everywhere are begging God to save them, but God will not save them until they are willing to be their own savior.

Noah had to build his own boat. The Israelites had to walk into the Red Sea. Ruth had to gather her own grain. Naaman had to to dip himself into the Jordan River. The crippled man had to take up his own bed and walk. The woman caught in adultery had to go and sin no more and the soldier at the foot of the cross had to acknowledge personally that Jesus truly was the Son of God. All these people had one thing in common. Before God would save them, they had to be willing to be their own savior.

When the Israelites were standing against the Red Sea, they complained and begged God for help. God told them to quit begging and get up and walk. Their salvation came when they were willing to go forward and save themselves. Now there are alcoholics who need to burst their own bottles, drug addicts who need to flush their own drugs, porn addicts who need to turn off their own computers and people with road rage need to shut their own mouths. You can be saved from your sin but only if you are willing to be your own savior.


Don’t misunderstand me. Eternal salvation is found only in Christ. Salvation cannot be earned nor can it be bought. No one can brag about what they have done in order to be saved. However, Jesus has never saved anyone who would not be saved. Before a person can be saved, they must recognize the need for salvation and have a desire to be saved. When people realize how hopeless they are, they will save themselves by taking a leap of faith and place their trust in Jesus Christ, who is the Savior

So turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face and the desires of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of His mercy and grace. You can save yourself, but only by trusting Jesus to be your Savior.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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Jesus Will Not Send You Away

One day Jesus and His disciples were traveling to Tyre when a Gentile woman began to follow them. She was begging Jesus for help. Her daughter was demon possessed and she knew that Jesus was the only one who could help. The woman was not the kind of person the disciples wanted to be seen with so they urged Jesus to send her away. Because she bothered them!

As I read this story I was reminded of when I served as the pastor of different churches. Sometimes people who did not fit in would come to worship with us. Some of these people had bad hygiene; others had emotional issues or maybe addictions that they could not overcome. These people had needs that only Jesus could meet, but they were not the kind of people we wanted to be around. Often as the pastor I would hear insinuations that we should send these people away because they bothered the congregation.

The sad truth is we who are church people like to surround ourselves with other people who look, act and sound just like us. Since we have been commanded to love our neighbors, we try to make sure that our neighbors are people that we want to love. We do not like to have people in our midst who scare us or challenge us or make us uncomfortable. So we hope that these people will just go away because they bother us.

I have some good news. Good news for us good Christian church people who have needs that we keep hidden, because we do not want to bother anyone. Good news also for those who don’t fit into the church because their needs bother the people of the church. This good news is found in Psalms 145:18-19, it says “The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them.”

The gentile woman bothered the disciples so they wanted Jesus to send her away. But Jesus would not do that. Instead He allowed her to exercise her great faith. Then he met her need and He healed her daughter.

Today you have a need that only Jesus can fill. People may try to turn you away, because you bother them. But you don’t bother Jesus, have faith in Him, keep calling out to Him and I promise you Jesus will not send you away.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

A Man After God’s Own Heart

When I was about fifteen years old, a Godly man named Jack McVeigh, became pastor of Falling Creek BC. Brother Jack was one of those old fashioned pastors, who proved his love of God, by loving the people of his community. Jack was a visiting preacher. It was not unusual to see his car driving through the neighborhood as he went from door to door sharing Jesus and inviting people to church. One day he stopped at our house, and the next Sunday we went to church. And we continued to go every Sunday.

My family is large. The day that Jack McVeigh came to visit us there were eleven people in that house, nine children and my mama and daddy. It was a good day for Brother Jack and for Falling Creek Church because that day a small country church added eleven people to its roll. If this was the end of the story it would be really good story, but it’s not. It is only the beginning.

My brothers and sisters and I have all married and have children and grandchildren. This family of eleven has grown to almost eighty people. Most of us have given our lives to Christ. In our family there is one preacher, at least five deacons, a lot of youth leaders and many Sunday School teachers. I truly believe that my extended family is having a positive impact on the world because of our love of Jesus and willingness to work for His Kingdom. It all started almost fifty years ago when a faithful man of God visited our family and asked us to come to church.

The Bible teaches that we are to go into all the world making disciples and teaching them about Jesus. When God asked, “ Who will go for me?” Jack McVeigh answered and said,” Here am I Lord, send me.” He was given the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the lives of the many people that he has reached with the Gospel, Brother Jack has truly gone into the whole world making disciples.

And so I say. Thank you Brother Jack for your Godly influence in my family. Thank you for sharing Jesus with my family and asking us to come to church. By your love and faithfulness you have proven that you are, A man after God’s own heart.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

The One That is Lost

He counted them once and then he counted them again. He knew he had one hundred sheep but he could only count ninety-nine. So he counted again and yes, one was lost. It was just one sheep, but these were his sheep. He knew each one by name and knew each one by sight. Now most of them are safe, but one was lost.

Ninety-nine sheep are safe. Only one is missing. Outside it is cold and dark. The wolves are howling. It is dangerous to go out. Some shepherds would say, “Ninety-nine are safe, so I won’t concern myself with the one that is lost.” But not the Good Shepherd. He knows His sheep by name and His heart trembles for the one that is lost.

Carrying a staff and a rod for protection, he goes out into the cold darkness. He searches until he finds his lost sheep. Tangled in the briars and brambles, the frightened sheep is torn and bloodied. Using his staff, the shepherd draws the lost one to safety. Anointing him with oil and binding his wounds the shepherd sings with joy because he has found the one that was lost.

Jesus, my Lord, is the Good Shepherd. Many of His children are safe in the fold. But some have wandered away. Maybe you have been cast into the briars and brambles of addiction. Or maybe you are just confused, stumbling around in the darkness, endangered by the worldly wolves. But Jesus, the Lover of your soul, is heartbroken because you are in danger. He longs for His lost ones to be safe.

Listen to my words all that are sick and lonely, afraid of the darkness that surrounds you. The Savior is calling out your name if you will just be still and listen. The Holy Spirit is the rod that will protect you and the staff that will rescue you. Jesus is the Seeker of the one that is lost. He will draw you close, bind your wounds, and anoint you with healing oil.

Trust in this promise from Ezekiel 34:15-16; “I will feed My flock, and I will make them lie down.” says the Lord GOD. “I will seek what is lost and bring back what has been driven away, bind up the broken, and strengthen the sick.”

Douglas & Deborah

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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Seeking the One That is Lost

He counted them once and then he counted them again. He knew he had one hundred sheep but he could only count ninety-nine. So he counted again and yes, one was lost. It was just one sheep, but these were his sheep. He knew each one by name and knew each one by sight. Now most of them are safe, but one was lost.

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For His Glory

         I found a dead bird lying under a bush. There were no wounds on its body, nothing to show why he died. It looked as if it had just come to the end of its life. As I looked at the tiny remains, I thought about the life and purpose of a bird. What is a bird’s purpose? Well, it seems a bird’s purpose is to live, raise its young and sing. By doing what it was placed here to do, it fulfills its ultimate purpose, which is bringing glory to its Creator.

            Consider the lifespan of the average bird. Many can live up to ten or twelve years. Some live much longer while others have shorter lives. A bird’s life can be hard. When the harsh wind and cold rain of winter comes, they cling to a branch, fluff their feathers and endure. After that   the hot dry days of summer may make their food hard to find.  But you never hear a bird complain. You will only hear bright, cheery songs from the birds. Their song should remind us that God is always good and greatly to be praised

As I sit here on this beautiful morning, I watch the warm sun melt last night’s frost. As the sun rises, I hear a coyote howl and turkeys gobble. In the distance an owl gives one last hoot and close by doves are faithfully cooing to their lifelong mates. Quietly, I listen as the birds begin their symphony of praise to a Creator that only mankind can know.

            Yes, it is true; we who are created in the image of God are the only ones who can know God. And yet when it comes to glorifying God, the birds put us to shame. We are the apple of God’s eye and yet more often than not our voices are lifted in grumbling and complaining. Listen. Our salvation was purchased by the Blood of Jesus so shouldn’t we out sing the birds. The bottom line is this. No matter what is going on in your life, God is worthy of all honor and praise and glory.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends

The God Who Sees

Her name was Hagar. You can find her story in Genesis 16. Fleeing from a life that she thought was intolerable, she is on the way to a place called Shure. But she is not sure of anything until the Angel of the Lord finds her sitting by a spring of water in the wilderness. There God speaks to her, giving her instruction, comfort, and hope. Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees.

Our lives should be guided by this principle, “The God who made all things is the God- Who-Sees.” Children of God are the light of the world. But the only light we have is the reflected Glory of God. So, give to be seen by God, pray to be heard by God, and let your worship be from your heart to the great heart of God. The more He sees in you the brighter your light will shine into the world.

Sometimes, like Hagar, we may think that life is unbearable. But we must never forget that He is the God-Who-Sees. When life is intolerable and unsure, He will bring clarity to your soul. With artistry that can only come from the Creator, your broken heart and shattered dreams will be remade into a beautiful mosaic.

Maybe you are sitting in your wilderness asking God “Why?” Possibly the answer is as simple as this, you were created for the Glory of God. The God-Who-Sees can take the broken pieces of your life and create a montage of grace. And maybe, just maybe, today someone needs to see the reflection of His Glory as it shines through the mosaic of your life.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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A Faith Worth Having

Every decision we make in life is based on the value or worth of things, experiences, or people. In fact everything in life is a transaction of sorts. Whether we are getting married, buying a house, or going on vacation, we are always making an exchange. Jesus said, “For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it?” From this passage of scripture we learn this, in every transaction be sure what you gain is worth what you are giving up.

In 2 Tim.1, Paul teaches Timothy that faith in Jesus was a faith worth having. Faith in Jesus is faith with a heritage. Each generation is given the Gospel and the responsibility to advance the Kingdom of God. Paul was willing to suffer anything for Jesus because of his Faith. Now you and I must decide what we are willing to sacrifice so that the next generation will inherit a Godly Heritage.

Faith in Jesus is faith with purpose. Our calling, our purpose is to glorify God and advance His Kingdom. This is faith with power, as the gospel of Christ is the power of God for Salvation. This is also faith with a promise as we believe and are persuaded that God is able to keep that which we commit to Him. Faith in Jesus is also faith that is seen, as others watch to see what we are willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do not misunderstand the idea of faith as being worth having. Because the truth is there is no value, no worth, nor is there any power in faith alone. The value, the power of faith comes only from the object of faith. The object of our faith must be Jesus Christ. Our hope can be built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. He is our hope of glory. He is our promised peace. He is our Life. The next generation must inherit this Holy Faith in Jesus no matter what it cost us, because it is a Faith worth having.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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