Latest Devotions

The One That is Lost

He counted them once and then he counted them again. He knew he had one hundred sheep but he could only count ninety-nine. So he counted again and yes, one was lost. It was just one sheep, but these were his sheep. He knew each one by name and knew each one by sight. Now…

God is Enough

Last night before I went to bed, I stood in my front yard looking up at the sky. It was a clear night. As always the stars were beautiful and awe-inspiring. Now, I have a limited knowledge of the science of the stars. I know a little bit about light years, galaxies, and solar systems.…

Zaccheaus, You Come Down

Have you ever been thirsty or hungry or tired and not know it? I have, there have been times when I would be busy doing something and simply forget to take time to eat or drink or rest. But then I would hit a wall. I would realize that I could not keep going one…


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