You Were Made To Thrive

For the ones who are graduating, congratulations. The God of all creation has made you to thrive and to accomplish great things. God has a high hill for you to climb. Now it is up to you to find that hill and then climb it. People who reach their God-given summit have refused to be mediocre. They are leaders who stand out from the crowd and thrive. Here are some things you must know if you are going to stand out from the world.

1. No one owes you anything. Not a free education, not free health care, not a free phone, not a free car, nothing. The people who stand around waiting on free stuff never amount to anything. If you work hard and earn your own way, you will be successful.


2. Learn the difference between wants and needs. The Bible tells us that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all things that we need will be added to us.

3. Never demand anything that you have not earned. If you have not earned it, you do not deserve it. If you want something, work for it. By the way, credit is not your friend!

4. Be careful who you trust, not everyone is trustworthy. Let God be your guide. Lean not on your own understanding but always look to God for wisdom.

5. Have respect for everyone, until they prove they do not deserve it. When someone loses your respect, it is their loss, not yours. However, you should always strive to be worthy of everyone’s respect.

6. Treat everyone with dignity. Everyone!

7. Sex is for marriage, period! If anyone says differently, they are lying. Marriage is for male and female Period! If anyone says differently, they are lying.

8. Always obey and serve God “You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice; you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him.” (Deuteronomy 13:4)

I firmly believe that if you follow these words of advice you will climb the highest hill. Stand on the Word of God, and refuse to blend in with the world. Choose to stand out and you will thrive.

High School Graduation

Every spring high schools graduate into the world a new class of young adults. As these young people toss their hats into the air, very few realize just how much their lives are about to change. They will face new challenges and opportunities. From now on Mama, Daddy, and Grandparents will not be there for every decision they make.

They are adults now, and while Mama and Daddy will always be willing to give advice, these young people will not always listen. And that is as it should be. As I said, they are adults now and will be responsible for their own choices, the good ones, and the bad ones.

Here are some thoughts for those of you who will graduate this year:

Change happens and it does not seek your approval. The Bible teaches us that “To everything, there is a season”. It then gives a list of things there are times for. All the things that are listed are important. But these I will mention. There is “A time to keep silent and a time to speak”. Your life will be very blessed if you learn when it is time to speak and when it is time to be silent.

God has you on His mind. He tells us in His Word that He has plans for you, plans for your good and not for harm, and He plans to give you a future with hope. I promise you, His plans are better than yours so follow Him

You need a life anchor. Harness your heart to God’s kingdom. Put your trust in God and He will not forsake you. This promise I can make with certainty, “God will honor and take care of those who honor Him”.

Choose to stand out from the crowd. Blending in is always easy. But it will leave you ordinary and average. Stand up and stand out for God. This will be hard and maybe even dangerous. But it will make you an extraordinary person. And this world needs extraordinary people.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

More Faith

In the movie Jaws, three men were hunting a huge man-eating shark. One of the men, Sheriff Brodie came face to face with this extremely large and hungry shark. When this happened, he said, “We are going to need a bigger boat”.

In the Bible, Jesus taught His disciples that they would face great trials and persecution. He also taught them that they would have to learn to forgive others without reservation. These teachings of Jesus must have seemed as overwhelming to the disciples as the huge, hungry shark did to Sheriff Brodie. So, the disciples said, “We are going to need a bigger faith.”

In Luke chapter 17, the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith. Jesus then told them that if they had even a tiny bit of faith, they could do great things. Wow, that is a tremendous promise. That is what most of us want. We want to be known as someone who has done great things and we want to do these things with just a little faith.

As Jesus continued His teaching about faith, He explained the characteristics of a faithful person. He shows us in the Bible that those who are great in their faith are servants. He says that a faith-filled person is actively working for God’s glory. And we learn that there is no faith without works. A faith-filled person is not self-centered; they never seek gratitude but serve only for the glory of God.

A person of great faith knows that they are God’s workmanship, created in Christ for good works. A faithful person’s mind is always on Christ and these words are always in their heart, “not unto me O Lord, not unto me, but unto You belongs all honor and glory and praise forever and ever, Amen

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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Being Old Is Not The Same As Being Done

In Joshua 13:1 we read these words; “Joshua was now old, getting on in years, and the Lord said to him, “You have become old, getting on in years, but a great deal of the land remains to be possessed.” Now I wonder, was God displaying a sense of humor here? As Joshua stood there with all the aches and pains that come with age and the long years of service to God, do you think that he needed God to tell him that he was old? No, I don’t think so, I think that God may have chuckled when He said this.

I have had a good many birthdays. When I crawl out of bed in the morning my bones creak and pop. Then I reach for my glasses because the years have blurred my eyesight. Old wounds and scars I have accumulated throughout the years remind me of some of the dumb things I have done to myself. So if God were to say to me, ” Doug, you are old and advanced in years” I would chuckle and say, “You think.”

Now, when God told Joshua that he was old, He also told him that there was a lot more land to possess. In other words, God said, Joshua, you are old, but you ain’t done. So rub some oil on those creaky old bones and get up and get busy.

In my years on this earth, I have seen a lot and done a lot. But I am not finished yet. There is still a lot more to do and see. I believe that God has said to me, Doug, you are old and advanced in years but you ain’t done yet. There is more work to do, so get up and get busy.

Now many of you like me, have had a lot of birthdays. All those birthdays are making your bones ache and your muscles hurt. However, if you have pain that is proof that you are alive, and if you are alive that is proof that you ain’t done yet. God is saying rub some creme on those old muscles then get up and get busy. Remember, make plans for the future as if you have many tomorrows, but live today as if you have none.

Douglas Huff

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Mother’s Day

Towels, washcloths, Kleenex, baby wipes, dish towels, and aprons. I believe that these things could be seen as emblems of motherhood because mamas are always wiping something. They wipe stinky bottoms, snotty noses, and skinned knees and they have been known to wash a dirty face with spit and a Kleenex. Their time seems to be filled with wiping down kitchen counters, and bathroom floors, and the tears of broken-hearted children. There is one thing for sure, mamas are always wiping something.

In the book of Judges, there is a woman named Deborah who served as a Judge and leader in the nation of Israel. She was a genuine hero in the history of God’s people and yet when she referred to herself in Judges 5:7, she spoke of herself simply as a “mother in Israel”. She was a poet, a prophetess, a judge, and a heroic leader but her greatest source of pride and joy was in the fact that she was a mother. She knew that there is no higher calling on earth than motherhood.

The fact is while mamas might think that all they do is dry tears, and wipe noses and bottoms in reality what Mama is doing is molding young lives and shaping the future. For this reason, we should all rise up and call our mothers and our wives blessed. Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a mother who fears the Lord and loves her family should be praised.

On this Mother’s Day, I want to honor the memories of my two Grandmothers and my Mother-in-law. I also want to give honor to my Mama and my Wife, my Daughter- in-law and my Daughter their worth is far above rubies or any other earthly treasure. To all mothers, on this day and every day you are highly favored and greatly blessed. Thank you for always wiping up our mess.

Douglas Huff

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Be Sure You Lock the Gate

I used to raise a few cows. In my pasture, there was a small gate that I would go through to check on the cows. One day I forgot to latch it. Now, cows have an uncanny knack for finding unlatched gates. They can be on the back side of the pasture but if you leave a gate open, in just a few minutes they will be out.

That day was no different. I left the gate unlatched and they got out. But it was no problem. In a few minutes, I had them back where they belonged. However, one of those cows had a good memory. From then on she would often check the gate to see if it was unlatched. If it was, she was going to go through it. I learned to make sure to lock that gate.

The Bible teaches that as Christians we must guard our hearts. Because Satan is like a roaring lion prowling around looking to destroy whomever he can. If you let your guard down, he will attack you.

Now the truth is he cannot destroy a child of God. But he can steal your joy and destroy your testimony. Satan is a very determined enemy. For this reason, you must never let down your guard. Like the cow, who remembered the opened gate, Satan remembers your weaknesses. This is where he will push you, to see if you will stumble.

Christians have received tremendous blessings from God, but Satan hates you and wants to destroy your peace. And he especially wants to destroy your testimony. So, guard your heart and make sure you lock the gate.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where the Pavement Ends


Among the last items of business that Jesus took care of, even as He hung on the cross, was to make sure that His mother would be cared for. His mother’s life was turned upside down at His birth. She was there while He grew, she changed His diapers and she kissed His skinned knees. She worried when He was left behind in the temple and thought she understood when He said, “I must be about my Father’s business”. So before He said “ It is Finished” He looked at John and said, “ Behold your mother”.

Jesus was His Father’s Son but He was His Mama’s boy. In the Bible, it seems as if He performed His first miracle to please His Mama. We should also always try to please our mamas. However, my mama wouldn’t like it if I turned water into wine.” Mary, like all mothers, sacrificed greatly for her Child. And like Mary, all mothers should be honored and loved by their children. I give you a few ways that you should love her.

Love her verbally, tell her how much you love her. Love Her physically, she needs and deserves your touch. Love her patiently, goodness knows she was patient with you. Love her with your ears. Remember all the times she stopped what she was doing to listen to you. Take the time to sit and listen to her. Love her generously, there is nothing to good for your mama. Remember all the sacrifices she made for you. Be generous with your love and money but most of all with your time.

The Bible says, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you. ” (Exodus 20:12)

It does not matter who you are, what you do, or how much money you make if you honor your mother she will be proud of you. Love your mother with all your heart. Love her in such a way that she will be thankful for all the time she invested and all the sacrifices she made for you. Remember whoever you are you owe a lifetime of love to your mother!

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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Healing is for the One Who Will Get Up and Walk

The story is told in John Chapter 5. In Jerusalem, there was a pool called Bethesda. Crowds of sick people gathered there, hoping for a miracle. One man had been coming to the pool for 38 years. Jesus asked this man “Do you want to get well?” The man replied with excuses. He said, “ Nobody will help me and I can’t help myself.” Jesus told him “You, get up, take up your bed and walk.”

What can we take away from the story of the man at the Pool of Bethesda? Many people are lying around waiting for help from someone, or a miracle from God to improve their situation. I believe Jesus would say “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” This applies to so many situations.

Many people have made the government their god. They want the government to make people love them, keep them safe, and provide for their every need. But the government is a false god. If you want your situation to be made better, then you should stop depending on the government. Instead, you have to get up, look to Jesus for strength and go to work.

A lot of Christians are wallowing in their besetting sins. They sit around hoping and praying that someone will help them or that God will miraculously save them from their chosen sin. Jesus asks “Do you want to be free from your shame?” They make excuses, “ I can’t change, nobody will help me.” But Jesus says “You get up, listen to God, and walk away from your sinful choices.”

Most churches are praying for a supernatural stirring of a Holy Spirit revival. Maybe once a year they plan for a high-powered evangelist to come and help them to overcome their weakness. Meanwhile, Jesus is asking “Do you want to be made well?” Excuses are flying everywhere, they say; people won’t come to church, and people are not interested in Spiritual things. But God is not interested in your excuses. He says; you get up, you go into all the world and you make disciples of all kinds of people.

This is the bottom line, (which many don’t want to hear). No matter what your situation is, if you are not willing to put forth the effort to help yourself, then God will let you sit there and rot. However, if you want to be made well, Jesus will help you. But you must choose to get up and walk.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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Rise Up

I confess, like most people, sometimes I miss important words in the Bible. For instance, in Matthew 11:11 Jesus says “Among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist.” As often as I have read that passage of scripture until recently I had not seen the word, “risen.” This is important because John was not born great. Jesus is telling us that John the Baptist rose to greatness.

Yes, I know that the circumstances of John’s birth were miraculous. However, that was not what made him great. John became great when he rose up and unashamedly preached the need for repentance. Pointing to Jesus he joyfully proclaimed that He was the Lamb of God. Then John rose up and fearlessly pointed out the sins of King Herod. After this, he relentlessly clung to the Kingdom of Heaven even as the axe separated his head from his body. No, he was not born great, but by his faith, John ascended to greatness.

Strangely enough, after Jesus honors the greatness of John, He then turns to you and me and says “He who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John.” I believe that through these words Jesus is issuing a challenge to all of us. This is the challenge; Godly men must stand up for the Glory of God and by faith cling to the kingdom of heaven.

This time we live in is strange and terrifying. This world needs great men who will stand up for righteousness and the Kingdom of God. These men will not come from the entertainment or sports venues. Nor will they come from the pulpit or political world. The Holy Spirit is looking for ordinary men who will sink to their knees in prayer and stand on their feet to do battle with the enemy.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, it is time for ordinary men to cling to the Kingdom of Heaven and by faith rise up to greatness.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

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