Be Still and Know That He is God

People often asked me, “Where do you get the ideas for the devotions that you write?”  The short answer is,” God gives them to me.”   The long answer however is that I have learned to see the evidence of God in all my surroundings. This forensic evidence confirms the power of His love. Just as with Jeremiah, the proof of God ignites a fire in my soul that cannot be contained.  It is my inspiration to write and to preach.

 Right now I am watching some large birds floating on currents of air that are stirred up by an approaching storm. The gentle strength of the wind that carries the birds and the boisterous power of the coming storm bear witness to the presence of an omnipotent God. I can see the fingerprints of God all over the red and yellow leaves that seem to have suddenly appeared on the trees.  He tells us in Psalms 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Never make the mistake of thinking that God is in everything. That kind of erroneous thinking often leads to idolatry. No, God is not in everything, but evidence of God is on everything. He is the Creator of all things and all of creation bears His DNA.  The heavens declare His glory and the ocean tides reveal His constancy. The silence of a falling star punctuates His brilliance and the crash of thunder highlights His strength. In all things He makes Himself known because all things bear His fingerprints.

So, where do I get the ideas for the devotions that I write?  Well the answer is easy. My heart is warmed by His invisible presence, while my eyes marvel at His visible glory.  The simplest things bear witness to the most profound truths. It is easy to write when I take the time to “Be still and know that He is God.”

Douglas& Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening

When young Samuel was awakened in the night by the voice of God his response was,” “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” This young man had grown up in the temple. He had heard the Word of God preached and taught. He probably knew as much about God as most adults. Yet he had no preconceived ideas about what God was going to say. He woke that night anxiously waiting to hear something new from God.

A lot of people today have it all wrong. Instead of saying, “ Speak Lord, your servant is listening” they say, “Listen, Lord, your servant is speaking”. People often read the Word of God, not with an open heart but with a personal agenda. They don’t want to hear what God has to say. They want God to say what they wish to hear.

The truth is many people read and learn Scripture, not to please God but to manipulate God. Some people read the Bible looking for passages they can use to support their twisted ideas of righteousness. They foolishly cherry-pick Scripture verses that suit them. Like Satan, they can quote the Bible but they have no relationship with the Author of the Bible.

I remember hearing an old preacher say, “If you are reading the Bible to learn about God, Stop it!” This old preacher was teaching that we should not read scripture to learn about God, instead, we should read His Word to rest in His presence. Like the Disciple whom Jesus loved, we should lean on His breast and listen to His heart. If we wish to experience God’s love, we will open our Bibles and say, “Speak Lord your servant is listening”.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

Lessons From God

But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You. For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.(Psalm 5:11-12)

This morning I awakened long before daylight in order to read the Bible and pray. I find that early morning is the best time to pray. I don’t know why this is. It may be that the raucous sound waves of the previous day have finally bounced off into outer space, while the coming day still has the innocence of newness. I do know this, the coolness of the early morning air refreshes the soul while the early morning sounds are a multilayered symphony that entertains and encourages the heart.

I have found that in and through all thing’s we can learn spiritual lessons. There is no doubt that God is always ready to teach us. For instance, this morning I realized that the birds began their singing long before daylight arrived. It’s as if the birds are feathered prophets who joyfully prophesy about the coming of the sun. They lift their voices in a song of praise to the glories of light even while it is still darkest night.

God would have us to learn this precious lesson from the birds. Trials and troubles will come. Uncertainties are certain to appear. Cancer may cloud your future, a lost job may delay your dreams and a casket may close on the life of a loved one.

But, even though a broken heart may cause our voices to tremble, like the birds we should sing. Let our songs and our prayers rise up to the God of all creation even in our darkest hours. Listen, the Son of God is risen and His Light has overcome darkness. The lesson that God would have us to learn is this; we have a risen Savior and Joy Comes in the morning.

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

Where Is My Hat?

Pleasing people seems more important to some Christians than following God’s direction. So they go the way that seems right to them and that way is leading to the death of a nation. This devotion is an audio podcast. Click the link below to listen as I talk about the need for Christians to return to following Jesus.

Daddy’s Little Girl

He was a good man, a likable man. He worked hard to provide for his family, because this is what good men do. He had no bad habits. He did not drink, do drugs nor cheat on his wife. He was a good man.

He had a daughter. A precious little girl. Man, he loved that little girl. He would do anything for his princess. They went fishing, they played tea party, anything she wanted. He went were ever she wanted to go. She took ballet lessons, he watched. She played soccer, he watched, she wanted to go to a movie he was happy to go.

He loved his precious little girl. He took her everywhere, except, well, he didn’t take her to church. He just didn’t think church was necessary. Just didn’t care for it. He said, “Church is okay for some men, but not for me, I can do with out it.” He loved his little girl, but he never took her to church.

One day he died, sooner or later everyone dies. He went to hell, that is were you go if you die without Christ in your life. He did not have Christ in his life, so, he went to hell.

Hell did not seem so bad, not near as bad as he had been told. He had been told it would be unbearably hot, but it didn’t seem to be that bad. He said, “I can handle this.” and he thought he could. But then. He heard it. The screaming. The bloodcurdling, agonizing screaming.

He recognized the voice. It was his little girl, his precious little girl.

He ran toward the sound, he saw her. Demons were tormenting her. Imagine the worst things that could possibly be done to a little girl. He ran toward her, he was going to rescue his baby.

But! There was an invisible wall . He could not get through. He could not get to his little girl. And the demons—– and she screamed, and screamed—- He pounded on the invisible wall, and she screamed, and screamed.

Then he heard the voice, the evil voice, laughing at his agony. Satan said, you did not need God, you thought hell was not bad. This is your hell. For eternity, forever, you will watch and listen as your little girl is violated, beaten and tormented by my demons. Forever!!

And then, his little girl saw her daddy. She screamed at him. The little mouth that used to sing for daddy, the little mouth that used to say, “ I love my daddy”. The little mouth screamed at him, “ DAMN YOU, DADDY, you could have took me to church, you could have let me learn about Jesus, I would have believed in Him. I would be in heaven. But you said church was not important, you said we did not need Jesus. I WISH I HAD JESUS! DAMN YOUR ETERNAL SOUL, DADDY!

This is not a true story, it is not about any particular people. I don’t know what hell is like, but I know it is an awful place. I know that it is a place of torment. I know that Jesus died on the cross, so that no one HAS to go there. I know that no one goes to the Father, except through Jesus. I know that a daddy has a tremendous influence on his children. I know that Jesus said, “ let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them.” He also said “Whoever causes one of these little ones to sin, it would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

These things I do know.  I also know that a lot of daddies don’t think they need church or God. But one day——

Douglas Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

Listen People

A religious leader approached Jesus and asked, “ Sir what is the first and greatest commandment?” Jesus answered, Listen! The Lord our God, the Lord is One. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. “The second is Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

It is true and all Christians know it. All the commandments of God are contained in these words, “ Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” I do not intend to take anything away from those commandments but I believe that we have missed the first commandment in this passage of scripture. You see the very first thing Jesus commanded us to do was to “ listen”.

Read the Bible and you will hear the voice of Jesus as he teaches the whole counsel of God. Listen to the wind in the trees and be reminded that the Holy Spirit reveals knowledge of the Holy One. Hear the laughter of a child and know that there is joy in heaven over the salvation of a lost soul. Hear the shuddering sobs of mourners and understand that Jesus weeps with the broken hearted. Just listen and the evidence of God’s love will be heard all around.

So, rise early and listen as a new day begins. Hear the last call of the whippoorwill and the awakening coo of a dove. Listen as the raucous cawing of a crow instigates the chattering debate of squirrels. In the distance a cow is lowing to be fed and closer by hummingbirds are quarreling over the feeder. Through all this noise you can’t help but love the Lord your God with all your heart. Especially when this cacophony of nature transforms into the symphony of creation. You see it’s just an old fashion love song that was written for you and me and it’s being sung in perfect harmony.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

Pavement Ends Ministry

Falling Leaves

My front yard is covered with leaves. This is not unusual. It was covered with leaves this time last year and the year before. As long there have been trees, in March the leaves begin to appear and in October they begin to fall. This is truth. It is truth because it is true. You can say that it is not true and that the leaves will not fall in October, but that would not be truth it would be a lie.

I have noticed people have a difficult time being truthful about their sin. Regardless of what God says about sin, if they like their sin, they pretend it is not a very big sin and that God is not bothered very much by their small sin. But that is not true. The truth is that sin is sin. God does not dwell in the presence of sin. So saying that your sin is not a sin and it does not matter to God would not be true, it would be a lie.

Do you know that if a person will not repent of their sin they cannot be a child of God? The reason a person does not repent of his sin is because he does not trust God. How can God save a person who does not trust Him? The truth is if a person does not trust God and will not turn from their sin then they have no hope of eternal life. That is truth.

So the next time you see a falling leaf, let it remind you of the truth that Jesus died on the cross, not so that you could continue in sin but so that you could be rescued from your sin. Also the next time you see a leaf being cast to the ground, let it remind you that unconfessed sin will cause many to be cast into the pit of hell. And that is truth whether you like it or not.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” (John 3:16

Douglas & Deborah Huff

Riding on the Wings of the wind

This may seem strange to some of you, but I am a superhero fan. Especially Superman and Batman. It is entertaining and sometimes inspiring to see these noble characters with their courage and conviction rushing in to defeat the evil villains. Often as I listen to the news and hear of the evil in this world, I wish there really was a Superman who could fly in and crush the bad guys. When I hear of sickness and diseases in the world, I wish that a Bruce Wayne would invent the cure. Then Batman would deliver the antidote to the afflicted while riding on the wings of the wind.

Now I know that these superheroes are simple fictional characters. Superman will never save the day and Batman will never solve any riddles. However, I can see how most superheroes may have been inspired by Biblical stories. Throughout the Bible we read of many common men who were raised up by God to accomplish miraculous feats. For instance, think of Moses who divided waters and called down fire as he delivered his people to the promised land. Then with one of the greatest story endings of all time, he walks up to a mountain top to die in the presence of God.

When I watch a Super Hero movie the special effects are awesome, but they cannot match the powers of my God. In 2 Samuel 22, I read that when God’s children are attacked by His enemies the anger of God is stirred. Then the earth shakes and the foundations of Heaven tremble. His voice thunders from heaven and the lightning bolts fly like arrows from His bow. Look and you will see the clouds billowing out behind Him like a cloak of righteousness as he comes Riding on the Wings of the Wind.

As I continue to read this chapter, I find that God can still use common men in uncommon ways. When we place our feet on the Rock of His salvation, His strength and power will be ours. He will teach us how to be spiritual warriors and our prayers will fly like arrows from a bow. The Blood of Jesus will be the shield of our salvation. The Word of our Testimony will be the destruction of our enemy. Then one day this Greatest Story ever told will come to an end. The theme music of our Savior will sound like a trumpet. The sky will crack open and we will rise to meet The Lord while Riding on the Wings of the Wind.

Douglas & Deborah Huff

From Down Where The Pavement Ends

Good Morning

For years I have tried to start all my mornings early. It’s hard for me to lie in bed knowing that the world is turning. Life is to short and I don’t want to miss a thing. Usually I sit on my back porch reading my Bible and visiting with the Maker of all things.

Since my porch is facing to the southeast, I am able to watch the motion picture that is the rising sun and wakening day. This morning I am watching a doe and her two babies as they feed on the remnants of my garden. From the woods I hear chattering squirrels and all around me is the unmatched music of God’s orchestra.

I have things to do today, things I want to do. However, I am retired from my secular job and I no longer pastor a church, so I can sit here a little longer and enjoy another cup of coffee. From the Bible we learn that if we will just be still, we can know that He is God. So this morning I sit a little longer listening to the still small voice of my Father in heaven.

Now it may seem to you that I am bragging and I am. It may seem that my life is all sunshine and roses and it is. But understand this, the sunshine will burn you and make you sweat, while roses have thorns that often draw blood. My life has been one of sunburned skin and sweat soaked shirts. The roses of this life have often pricked my skin and my heart, causing both to bleed. However like the writer of Psalms 44, I will boast of my God all day long, and will praise His name forever.

I write these words as a praise to my Grand and Gracious God. I am blessed and I know it. He has been better to me than I deserve. However, I know that tomorrow everything could be taken from me, leaving me with just the air I breathe. If this happens God will still be good. As long as I am able, I will rise early to greet the day. Because everyday is a day that the Lord has made and they all start with a Good Morning.

Douglas & Deborah Huff


Good Morning

Since my porch is facing to the southeast, I am able to watch the motion picture that is the rising sun and wakening day. This morning I am watching a doe and her two babies as they feed on the remnants of my garden. From the woods I hear chattering squirrels and all around me is the unmatched music of God’s orchestra.

This devotion is an audio podcast. Please click the link below to listen.